We have added a new lot of codes- Hurry get’m all

We have added a new lot of codes- Hurry get’m all

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We have been quite dormant at providing new codes for xbox live and microsoft points. Specially the last month. It was because we were focusing more on website promotion and finding new ways to meet the needs of all our visitors. We were away for a while only to make things even better.

I have recently been contacted by numerous people that they are not able to find free xbox live codes and i have responded them to wait for a few more days and assured them that very soon their will be no shortage of codes. The moment has arrived. We have added over 16,000 xbox live gold codes recently to the database, not to mention the huge number of more codes we will be adding daily without notifying you guys.

free xbox livee codesAgain, we are not gonna charge a single penny for them. As compared to a month ago when we used to mail the codes to our visitors email address in case they couldn’t get them at our website, you will all get free xbox live codes and free microsoft points codes each time directly from the site without fail.

Another query that i have received from many people is about introducing other free codes like itunes etc. It hurts me to disappoint you people at this time because we don’t currently have any source for getting itunes and playstation codes. However we are trying hard to find them for you. As soon as we get them we will let you know and publish on our blog here.

Until then keep getting the free codes and have fun.



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